Sahr Ngauga


Sahr Ngauja commonly called baby Ngau was born on the 15th of May 2008 with a serious anomaly, which was believed to be a lower abdominal wall defect. This anomaly was as a result of a failed abortion attempt when she was at about five months gestation.

Baby Ngau was brought to Pikin Bizness through Choitram hospital. The social condition of parents was so critical that they could not afford further treatment for the child; in that the mother was a student and the father a fridge mechanic. On seeing the condition of the child, the Chairman of Pikin Bizness Dr. Adonis Abboud decided to treat the case with urgency as the child was suffering.

There and Then, the child and mother were flown to Ghana for medical attention and the expenses were fully covered by the Organization.

On the 20th may 2008, the child was presented to the paediatric surgery unit of the Korlebu Teaching Hospital in Ghana. Following two months of treatment, recommendations were made for the child to be flown to Egypt for a paediatric cardiologist to handle the situation because they could not fully treat him in Ghana.


The child and mother returned to Sierra Leone.  Pikin Bizness Chairman then visited the Egyptian Ambassador to Sierra Leone for further discussions on this issue. They met and the meeting was successful. The Ambassador promised to contact other Organizations in Cairo to see if they could help.


Six weeks later, the Ambassador called Pikin Bizness and final arrangements were made for the baby to be flown to Egypt for the operation.

On the 23rd of January 2009, the baby and mother left Freetown for Cairo on board Air Maroc who offered the ticket to and from Egypt for both baby and mother.

The Committee for the Humanitarian Relief affiliated with the Egyptian Medical Corps hosted baby Ngauja.

Baby Ngaujah was successfully operated upon and he is now hale and hearty.