Claudius During


Claudius During was eight years old and suffering from congenital heart disease.

Lansana Kamara


Lansana Kamara  came to PIKIN BIZNESS about 9 years ago with a serious burn like wound on his hand.


'You are a Sierra Leonean First'


On the 26th of March, 2018, PIKIN BIZNESS in collaboration with the SAVE SALONE MOVEMENT launched a historical Campaign titled “YOU ARE A SIERRA LEONEAN FIRST”.


Mabinty Kamara 


Mabinty Kamara  was flown to Chennai Kauvery Hospital to undergo a Hip Replacement operation. 


Isha Senesie


Isha Senesie ( the Christmas Miracle Girl)who was confined to a wheel chair for a whole year. 


Margaret Brewah


Margaret Brewah a 17 year old girl could have lost one of her legs if it hadn’t been for the timely intervention of Pikin Bizness to refer her medical case to Dr. Jeff Neustadt in Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA where she regained her health.


Vitamins donation to Hamilton's Health Centre


A joint visit to the Hamilton Community Health Center organised by both Pikin Bizness and Daystar Adopt a Village. 


Three children with congenital heart disease


The three children: Angel Bangura, Mamadu H Bah and Jonathan During with congenital heart disease. 


EBOLA Campaign


Amigos De Sierra Leone supports Pikin Bizness to aid Ebola Champaign for victimise children.


Sahr Ngauja


ISahr Ngauja commonly called baby Ngau was born on 15th of May 2008 with a serious anomaly, which was believed to be a lower abdominal wall defect. 


Francis Kpulu


Francis Kpulu’s mother, Emilia Gbassa said he started getting sick when he was three and half months old.


Annette Sam

Eight year old Annette Sam was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease call Patent Doctus Arteriosus by Dr. Olu Black.


Leonard Paul Coker

Eleven year old Leonard Paul Coker was another child whose plight was brought to the attention of Pikin Bizness.


Lynda Paul-Bangura


Lynda was the third patient and the first girl child to be flown to France for open heart surgery by Pikin Bizness.


Amadou Bella-Bah


Bella was one of many toddlers  unfortunate to be born in a country which lacks advanced medical equipment to detect anomalies in pregnant women before they gave birth.


Ehizogie Eghobor

Six year old Ehizogie Eghobor alias ‘Zogie’ was the second child to benefit from Pikin Bizness. Zogie had been suffering from a severe pulmonary stenosis since birth.


Isatu Kallon

Pikin Bizness transformed the life of a one year old baby, Isatu Kallon, who was born with a cleft lip.