Mabinty Kamara aged 26 years had a serious accident 4 years ago at the kissy dockyard and the x-rays and about 500 scans show complete destruction of the hip especially the head of the femur; left hip destruction diagnosed.
She urgently needs a hip replacement and a ceramic head is recommended at her age. 
She can only be treated overseas.
Pikin Bizness has made contact with KAUVERY HOSPITAL IN CHENNAI INDIA.

Mabinty was flown to Chennai India KAUVERY HOSPITAL SUNDARAM MEDICAL FOUNDATION for a major HIP REPLACEMENT surgery which will change her life and by God’s Grace, she could leave the crutches behind to walk like a normal person again She is expected to spend about a month overseas until she recovers and flies back to Freetown…PIKIN BIZNESS wishes her all the luck.