Lynda Paul-Bangura


Lynda was the third patient and the first girl child to be flown to France for open heart surgery by Pikin Bizness.

Lynda was referred to Pikin Bizness by Dr Shuman who confirmed that she was suffering from a hole in her heart which was later confirmed by Dr Desmond Olu Black consultant physician.

She is an orphan, whose father was killed by rebels and whose mother died shortly after giving birth to her. She was adopted by Asmahan Shuman who could not afford to pay for the child to be operated on abroad. When Pikin Bizness decided to include Lynda in the waiting list, different organizations were contacted with her case to donate what ever little so that her life could be saved. A positive response was received from Celtel then now Zain and Koidu Holdings and other concerned Sierra Leoneans.

Having raised some funds for Lynda to be flown to France, Pikin Bizness and our foreign based partner Mr. David Applefield concluded all arrangements and Lynda left Freetown accompanied by a Canadian journalist Amanda Frontier on board Brussels Airlines on the 12th of October to Paris (France).


She was operated upon few weeks later and was in France for a period of three months during which she had a wonderful time while she recovered with her host parents. A total of $6,500 was raised in order to facilitate her travel abroad.

After her recovery she returned home accompanied by the chairman Dr Adonis Abboud.

Lynda is a girl who is full of life and is loved by everyone who comes into contact with her.

Currently, Lynda is attending one of the best private schools in town and is a beneficiary of a Pikin Bizness scholarship.

She is coping on with life perfectly.