Lansana Camara


Lansana Kamara was 20 years old boy when he came to PIKIN BIZNESS with a serious burn like wound on his hand. Lansana had lost his twin brother while they were both working in the provinces.


Their parents made them work in the fields where they both became infected . His brother didn’t make it and Lansana seeing his twin brother passing away was scared and decided to leave his paternal home and come to the city.


We took him to the late Dr Rogers, one of PIKIN BIZNESS' medical partners. It was a scary experience when Dr Rogers was removing the bandage to access the wound and Lansana was screaming in pain. He was treated for about 3 weeks and survived.


We then enrolled him in a school and he has been doing well.


A few weeks later he came to the office and informed us that he was diagnosed with Appendix which was about to burst inside his abdomen unless he received an urgent operation. Pikin Bizness took full responsibility again for his surgery which was successful..