Future Projects



Hospital construction

We are currently working very hard to raise money to construct a paediatric hospital in Sierra Leone, where our children have the lowest chance in the world of living till the age of five, dying mostly from preventable diseases such as diarrhoea, malaria or malnutrition. In 2006, Sierra Leone had the highest child mortality rate, with 207 deaths per 1000 births.


This hospital is going to be built with the goal of ensuring that more children, not just in Sierra Leone but in the sub-region have access to life-saving health care by the construction of a well equipped hospital, fully staffed and furnished to treat not only medical cases such as malaria, pneumonia, diarrhoea and measles but life-threatening surgical cases such as heart defects.

Cardiac specialist for Sierra Leone


Plans are underway to bring a cardiac specialist to Freetown to help assess the possibility of setting up a fully-equipped surgery in the country, so that future cases of children with congenital heart diseases and other heart defects would be locally treated by surgical operation.

According to Adonis Aboud, Chairman of Pikin Bizniss, a cardiac specialist  would allow us to address more cases of children with heart ailments in record time, and in a more economic way, adding that money spent flying children to Paris for heart surgeries would now be used for two or more children with such abnormalities. He noted that since the inception of Pikin Bizness, they have sent several children to Paris for heart surgery.

La Chaine De L”Espoir (The Chain of Hope, Paris), the organization working in close collaboration with Pikin Bizness as its development partner, have strongly advised Adonis Aboud to set up a cardiac surgery centre in the country, in order to ease the stress of children with cardiac problems flying to neighbouring countries for heart surgery.