Francis Kpulu


Francis Kpulu’s mother Emilia Gbassa, said he started falling sic when he  was three and half months old. She sought help for Francis at the Bo Government hospital where she was told that he had hydrocephalus and that they could not do the operation nor were they able to treat him.

She was subsequently referred to Freetown where she took Francis to the Princess Christian Maternity Hospital (PCMH) and was again told that they could not perform the operation to cure him. She then went to the Mercy Ship but his condition worsened.

Three months later she travelled to Guinea and a brain scan was done on her son’s head and she was told he had Hydrocephalus. Because of her son's sickness she said that her husband abandoned her.

The mother said that she came to Pikin Bizness through a former Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) Parliamentarian who accompanied her to the office were she expressed the hope that with the help of Pikin Buziness ‘I know my child will be saved’.

Francis was flown to Kenya for treatment under the auspices of the local charity Pikin Bizness.


According to Dr David Oluoch-Olunya of Gertrude’s Garden Children Hospital in Nairobi Kenya who examined Francis upon arrival ‘He is rather a poor little soul!’ The Doctor explained ‘The hydrocephalus is severe and he is only able to do the minimum in terms of activities!’ ‘He can eat and responds to his mother's voice. He does cry when irritated.

The pressure had built up to such an extent that he had a further out pouching on his forehead.’ The bad news is that ‘Imaging of his brain confirms that his brain matter is so thin (cerebral mantle) that ANY hope of useful neurological recovery is slim in the extreme.’


The Doctor wrote to explain to Pikin Bizness Chairman Adonis Aboud that ‘If no decompression is carried out the likely outcome is that the head will continue to grow!’ ‘If we put him in a shunt then there is an outside chance that the suffering will be minimised. The Kenyan Doctor disclosed ‘There are risks to doing the surgery and some complications may arise, namely, infection, dislodgement and haemorrhage.’


Francis’s mother had been informed of this situation he said and ‘is quite clear that she would wish the suffering lessened.’ ‘She has also been told about the attendant risks of shunt failure. Surveillance is paramount and there needs to be access to a place where shunt revision can be done.’

The fundamental or rather critical question according to Dr David Oluoch-Olunya is ‘whether something should be done or NOT.’ For Adonis Aboud Chairman Pikin Bizness ‘This is a very complicated and difficult decision never faced by my organisation . So far we have dealt with 5 cases of Children with hole-in-the-heart which by the grace of God were all 100 % successful. We have never dealt with a similar case of Hydrocephalus , or any case of such severe condition.’ Adonis further told the doctor ‘We will listen to your wise and professional opinion to guide us in the steps to follow.’