Ehizogie Eghobor


The six year old Ehizogie Eghobor alias ‘Zogie’ was the second child to benefit from Pikin Bizness. Zogie had been suffering from a severe pulmonary stenosis since birth which was diagnosed by a German trained Sierra Leonean Dr. Desmond Olu Black, the only cardiologist in the country.

Zogie’s mother contacted the Chairman of Pikin Bizness Dr. Adonis Abboud with her desire to save her son’s life. Upon discussion, the organization decided to take up the case. Little Zogie and mother were later flown to France for surgery.

Zogie’s medical fee mounted to around 10,000 Suros which was sponsored by Pikin Bizness, Anglophone media and La Chaine de l’epoir, Dr. Sidi and team, and Zogie’s parents.

The operation was done successfully to repair Zogie’s heart and the boy’s parents were very much delightful as his father confessed that he wept upon hearing his son’s voice.

For the first time since the birth of Zogie, his parents were assured that the boy hasda future.

Zogie and Mother returned home successfully and he is now perfectly well and in school.