“After 6 hours of surgery in India, she is back home… fit as a fiddle,” said Fanta Kamara, Mattie’s mother. Mattie Hawa Marrah, 6, was diagnosed with a hole in the heart over a year ago at the Ola During Children’s Hospital. Fanta was in tears when she realized that the case was severe and cost Le200 million ($20,000 USD) to do the surgery. “All hope was lost. I surrendered to fate … God gave me this child and he would make a way according to his will,” she added. Fanta said as fate would have it, she came across Pikin Business. Mattie was the sixth kid registered on their waiting list. “Three weeks later I was called and informed that we would be travelling to India for the surgery. I cried because Pikin Business had given life to my baby.”  She explained that they arrived in India on Wednesday and on Thursday Mattie headed for the operating theatre to undergo 6 hours of surgery. “On Friday at 8 a.m., I went to see how she was doing and to my surprise, she was already up and was asking me for water.” She explained that Mattie’s recovery was somewhat instantaneous, even the doctors were surprised. “They said she is the first patient to have recovered this fast after surgery.”  Pikin Bizness founder, Adonis Abboud, explained that diagnostics were done by Ola During and then sent to Chain of Hope in the UK. He said the cases are then prioritized. “We only dealt with kids whose cases are severe.” He added, there is a vast difference in the agility of the patients in 99% of the cases immediately after the surgery.