For the past two decades, Pikin Bizness has been helping children suffering from congenital heart disease by flying them overseas for heart surgeries. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic at the start of 2020, travelling across different countries has been a challenge. Pikin Bizness and its overseas partners, La chaîne de L'Espoir, Aviation Sans Frontières, Chain of Hope and others in the UK and France had to stop sending children overseas for surgeries due to the grave risk of exposure to them and their families. The last two children that were operated on successfully in Aswan, Egypt returned back on March 12, 2020.

Finally, after over 8 months of interruption, Pikin Bizness together with partners, La chaîne de L'Espoir, Aviation Sans Frontières, was able to fly seven-year-old Precious Konneh. Precious left Sierra Leone on December 5th 2020, onboard Air France to Charles De Gaulle Airport accompanied by Anicet Georges Goma from Aviation Sans Frontières. Goma arrived on the same plane from Paris and picked up Precious at the Lungi International Airport. On arrival to Paris CDG the following morning, he handed over the young girl to his colleague Miss Coline BROU who continued with Precious on another flight from Paris to Nantes, arriving at final destination where she was welcomed by Mrs Marie-Luce LORDELLE the host Lady - a Professional Nurse with experience in Cardio-surgery with whom Precious will be lodging until her open-heart surgery set for December 17, 2020.

Precious like many other heart patients of Pikin Bizness had started having frequent attacks and difficulty in breathing with her condition getting worse by the day. The case of Precious was deemed critical by the surgeon. So much that Pikin Bizness had to approach the French Surgeon in France to speed up her arrival. We are pleased to say that we received the full support and assistance of the French Embassy’s Consulate in Conakry Guinea, the Consul of the French Embassy in Sierra Leone, the head of La Chaine de L’Espoir, Mr. Solomon Lebbie who is the British High Commissioner, DFID and Air France who came together to make Precious trip possible.

Finally, the Chairman Pikin Bizness extends his appreciation for the excellent cooperation accorded the Pikin Bizness team in Lungi by Air France staff and the airport management.