Annette Sam


Eight year old Annette Sam was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease call Patent Doctus Arteriosus by Dr. Olu Black.

Annette is the first daughter to Pastor and Mrs.Brickson Sam both of whom were teachers. Mr. Brickson Sam contacted Pikin Bizness through an email initially to solicit funds for his daughter and wife to be flown to Germany, where Annette was scheduled to undergo her operation.

According to Mr. Brickson’s email, he said that his friends in Switzerland and Germany have volunteered to cover the medical cost for Annette. It was at this point that Pikin Bizness came into the picture and contacted A Yazbeck and Sons who are one of our sponsors to provide air tickets for Annette and her mother. They did and Annette and her mother were flown to Frankfurt, Germany. the first case to be referred to Germany.

On the 9th of September 2007, Annette and mother were on board Brussels Airlines form Freetown to Brussels.

Annette's surgery was done successfully on the 26th of September 2007 in Germany.

Upon completion of the surgery, Annette returned home safe and sound together with mother. She is now in school and is doing perfectly well.