Pikin Bizness works to support children by providing health related assistance, economic and educational support to the child survivors of the post conflict period in Sierra Leone. Pikin Bizness focuses its activities on children, because they have the greatest capacity to transcend the conflict of their communities and to bring about change in the future. These children within the society offer the best hope for change, but are amongst the most vulnerable in conflict situations.


Pikin Bizness works and operates in Sierra Leone to create a safe environment where trained key workers can provide a climate of support and mentoring tailored to the needs of children and their environment.

In January 2001, three people came together; Dr Adonis Abboud, Shellac Sonny Davies and Barbara Bangura, and launched a Charitable Organization called Pikin Bizness.

During the first three years, in collaboration with WFP, the US Embassy and UNAMSIL and with sponsorship from DSTV/SL, a helicopter was flown countrywide during the Christmas holidays, distributing gifts ranging from sweets, drinks, radio sets, school bags, and educational materials to children. Karitas Makeni [A Catholic NGO], International Medical Corp,[IMC] and other NGOs helped in identifying the children who received the gifts.

Four years later, in 2005, having spotted a campaign launched by the Exclusive Daily Newspaper, advertising and appealing for help for Abu Bakarr Jalloh, a six year old with a hole in his heart, Pikin Bizness embarked on a larger campaign targeting mainly children with heart deficiencies, especially children with holes in their hearts and other related diseases.

Pikin Bizness then embarked on a campaign in the country to raise funds in order to save the life of a young boy who was about to die. Being born in Sierra Leone with this condition meant that he had no chance of obtaining a heart operation let alone getting a simple non intrusive sonogram test needed for detecting and diagnosing the heart problem. In order to save Abu Bakarr, donations were made by some citizens and members of Pikin Bizness to facilitate the trip abroad for an open heart surgery.

Since November 2005 to date, six children have been flown to France for cardiac treatment which has cost the organization more than ten thousand euros per child.


Apart from heart cases the organization has helped other children suffering from other diseases. The organization also caters for children suffering from different diseases such as Hydrocephalus, liver, kidney, urinary leakage and a lot more diseases.

Five children were flown from Freetown to France in order to have Open Heart surgery while one went to Germany.

Also, young Francis who was suffering from hydrocephalus was flown to Kenya for treatment. In a most recent development Pikin Bizness sent baby Ngauja to Egypt as he was suffering from lower abdominal wall defect. He is back from Egypt and in great form.

Even though the organization is non governmental it works in collaboration with both the Ministry of Health and Sanitation and that of Gender and Children’s Affairs to help develop the health sector, protecting and promoting the rights of children in the country.

Pikin Bizness and the Ministry of Gender and Children’s Affairs have succeeded in reducing the number of street children living on the streets by giving them scholarships for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary level education. Some of these children were taken from the street and and are now living better lives.

By being here you have shown that you have a heart to reach out and give to children who may never get the chance to say ‘Thank You’ to you in person. On their behalf we would like to say ‘Thank you’..and ask that you please DONATE to our cause.